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Chandan Healthcare Ltd. started out with a very small beginning and went on to create a  revolution in the healthcare industry. At present there are nine divisions of Chandan Healthcare Ltd:

  1. Blood Bank
  2. Chandan Clinical Reference Lab
  3. Diagnostic
  4. Education
  5. Healthcare Consultancy
  6. Hospital
  7. Life Sciences
  8. Pharmaceutical
  9. Pharmacy

   Major milestones:

  • 1991  Chandan group starts its first Diagnostic Centre in Lucknow.
  • 1993  Chandan starts Blood Bank services in Lucknow.
  • 1997  Chandan starts Diagnostic services in Faizabad.
  • 1998   Chandan starts Diagnostic services in Lakhimpur
  • 1999   Chandan installs U.P.’s first Spiral CT Scan in Lucknow.
  • 2000   Chandan starts Blood Bank services in Faizabad.
  • 2001   Chandan starts Blood Bank services in Allahabad.
  • 2002   Chandan opens 8 Diagnostic centres in Lucknow.
  • 2003   Flagship company “Chandan Healthcare Limited” is incorporated.
  • 2004   Chandan is awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification.(Collaboration with Government Medical College, Gorakhpur (U.P.) for Diagnostic services.)
  • 2005   Chandan Institute of Medical Technology starts.(Chandan Healthcare Limited starts operation in October, 2005.)
  • 2006    Diagnostic, Life Sciences, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical divisions are established.
  • 2007    Diagnostic division for the first time enters Uttarakhand with its establishment in Haldwani.
  • 2008    Collaboration with Government Medical College, Agra (U.P.) for Diagnostic services.
  • 2009    Chandan starts Health Centres in Delhi, Raipur and Chattisgarh.

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