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Chandan is committed to achieve excellence in quality and maintains the highest standards of quality control and assurance. We believe in adjusting and adapting to the changing needs of our customers and remain dedicated in our efforts to serve them to the best of our ability. We have established a “Quality Cell” which has a full time Quality Manager who monitors the effectiveness of the company’s Quality Management System as well as analyzes the quality of services offered to the patients.

Our quality assurance process includes External Quality Assurance Programmes running with various approved agencies and Random Sample Checking by inter and intra-laboratories within Chandan group once a month.

We have an ongoing Internal Quality Control Programme in our Diagnostic Centres, which is a part of our daily routine and the control sera used in the process is procured from reputed international companies. Our results have consistently ranged from good to excellent and not only they have been well within the expected range but also very near the mean. Whenever there is any sort of doubt about any sample like time and type of sampling, drugs being given to the patients, or diagnosis, we collaborate with the clinicians and repeatedly assay the sample till we as well as the clinicians are satisfied with the results. Every sample is also checked for Lipaemia, Haemolysis and Icterus. Also, all urgent samples are processed on a priority basis and reported as soon as possible, usually within 2 hours of receiving the sample. All sera of sufficient volumes are stored at the centres and are available as needed by the patients for rechecking or parallel testing and also all Histopathological slides are stored permanently for any second opinion. We do repeat tests on doctors’ advice whenever results are not matched clinically at no extra charge.

We give utmost importance to the machines being used and the persons operating them and go in for the best available machines and experienced doctors and technicians. We installed the first ever Spiral C.T. Scan of Uttar Pradesh providing 3-dimensional coloured images.

Our Speciality Lab’s quality control process focuses on continual improvement and is driven by an ideal zero defect clinical laboratory process. This process is also followed throughout our Speciality Lab’s national network, ensuring standardization and result consistency. We follow standard operating procedures and use world-class equipments in our laboratory. We provide services through full automation and regular calibration and controls. We make use of standardized imported reagents. A crosschecking mechanism for result checking (while feeding, reporting and signing) is followed to ensure that patients never get wrong results. Quality assurance is maintained by monitoring aspects like control of pre-analytical errors, analytical errors, post-analytical errors, turn-around time management, maintenance of equipment, selection of reagents and standardisation of tests before they are introduced. We have an ongoing training programme for our technical staff to ensure better quality. We are also providing the facility of on-line reporting to our patients. Patients can take printouts of their reports through internet in case they lose their original reports. We are also in the field of Healthcare Consultancy for ISO 9001:2000 Certification and have a strong backing of a team of highly competent and experienced professionals, in the field of Management System Implementation. We help in making organizations more system dependent rather than person dependent. We also enable organizations to improve their quality culture, enhance their internal efficiency and consistency in the performance of tasks and in improving service quality by means of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. Chandan pharmacies are ISO 9000:2001 certified and provide only genuine medicines to customers. Chandan Pharmacy is one of the most trusted retail chains of pharmacy in India, delivering 100% reliable medicines from leading manufacturers with true focus on service and patient care. Medicines are sold only through qualified (B. Pharma/D. Pharma) and trained pharmacists. Our pharmacists’ role profile is beyond dispensing medicines. They also provide information about medicines and their usage and help maintain the records of medicines of customers. Billing is computerised and the facility to get consolidated monthly bills online is also available. Strong supply chain management ensures sufficient stock all the time.

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